Classical songs in Makam (Mode) Buselik
Longing in my eyes: Engrossed in and burning with a desire to love,
but no-one with whom to share this burning desire, except in his imagination
I beg for your mercy: A lover's intense begging for mercy and a comforting word
from the one adored
No one and nothing to blame but myself: A life-long unfulfilled search for love
filled with yearning and drinking, ending with a broken spirit and grey hairs
You left without a last goodbye: A song of separation and of a soul tormented by
the lover's departure without a last goodbye
A lover's patient appeal to a very young beauty to throw caution to the wind after seeing her
dance the night before
Sing me a song from a tale of love: Please sing me songs from a tale of love to open
the way to my heart
Draw your silver scimitar: The courageous rebel must defy the world and crush those
who blacken the name of his beloved and parade with her in his arm
Let down your hair and join me: An admirer's invitation to an eminent woman to mount her horse and join him for festivities after a very long wait


Folk Songs and tales behind them
If I board a boat and brave the frothing surface of the sea, I will be taken away to a beauty who is the reason of my journey
No cloud in the sky, why is there a smoke
No dead in the street, why is there wailing
This Country of Yemen, is so unyielding
One wonders why those going
Are not returning
Canakkale has been covered with smoke
And as I am going to face the enemy
Mum and sisters have lost hope
I pity my youth!
They've shot me in Canakkale
And have put me in a grave, barely dead
I pity my youth!
Lend me a light, to light my cigarette
Let the comrades wake up from their deep sleep
As ships are certain to have tall masts
Men of courage are certain to have brave hearts

I am called Cakici, my tall, slender darling
Setting mansions on fire, is what I do
The highlands swarm
with migrants far and wide
while a beauty's love is what I long for
and this separation is worse than death for me
the caravan of friends has gone by
don't hold me back, don't hold me back
The one called Hekimoglu is a small youth
But has the heart of a lion
To confront an army of two townships
Only to die in a gunfight
Before achieving his dream
Send my regards to the Ruler of Bolu
He should climb and lean against these mountains
From horse neigh and sound of pikes
Mountains should echo and call out
He came and past in a fury
Kiziroglu Mustafa Bey
He pierced through these mountains
Who, who, who, who,
Kiziroglu Mustafa Bey
A mighty son of a ruler

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